Music Docent Resources

Created by parents of Rocklin Academy Gateway - a Core
Knowledge School

Our lessons are based on the recommended Core Knowledge Curriculum by grade found in the "What Your Nth Grader Needs To Know" books. It also incorporates the experiences of our veteran music docent volunteers. These lessons are suitable for a wide range of ages, so we encourage exploration across grades.

These materials have been curated in an attempt to be suitable for all ages. However, please note the following:
1) YouTube videos:  We do not have control over advertising or further video suggestions displayed after viewing.
2) Please review:  Ensure material and videos meet your personal or school's standards for age and content before presenting.
3) Volunteer effort:  The content has been collected and created by unpaid individuals in good faith, please be considerate about feedback.

  • TK (Pre-Kindergarten) Lessons

    Ten music lessons focused on TK students. Learn about beat, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, pitch and melody while playing and dancing to classic nursery rhymes and songs.

  • Kindergarten Lessons

    Ten lessons focused on kindergarten students. Learn about sound, story-telling, beat, rhythm, rhyming, dynamics, tempo, pitch and melody while playing and dancing to classic nursery rhymes and songs.

  • 1st Grade Lessons

    Ten lessons including: Storytelling with Music, Beat and Rhythm, Instruments, Orchestras, Mozart, Opera and Jazz, Notes and Pitch, Melody and Harmony.

  • 2nd Grade Lessons

    Ten lessons including: Ancient Civilizations, Orchestras, Western Folk Music, Tall Tales, Telling Stories, Composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, John Williams, Johann Sebastian Bach.

  • 3rd Grade Lessons

    Ten lessons including: Orchestras, Wind Instruments, String Instruments, Native American Music, Colonial Music, Country Music Roots, Patriotic Music, Composers John Philip Sousa, Aaron Copland, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky  

  • Holiday Lessons

    Three music lessons for students of all ages, including 1) Halloween & Day of the Dead, 2) Thanksgiving and 3) Winter Holidays.