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Our philosophy is to offer well-organized, curated lessons and educational material. As parents and class volunteers, we are excited and overwhelmed by the amount of educational content freely available at our fingertips. The challenge is to cut through the clutter, advertising and immense detail and provide focused lessons for our kids. The result is this site–our effort to create clear, age-appropriate materials for music, reading, vocabulary and other educational topics. We do not underestimate the abilities of our kiddos, and try to make it fun and interesting as well! Thank you for your interest and involvement.


For the music portion of this site, we would like to thank the teachers and fellow music docents we have volunteered with for the past fifteen years, especially the kind folks who reviewed this site and provided input. Thanks to Kana Lowe and Trang Surve for sending their favorite YouTube links and suggestions. 

This music content is based on the music sections of the book series "What You Nth Grader Needs to Know." Descriptions are often leveraged from Wikipedia. Images are royalty-free from pexels.com and pixabay.com. We would also like to thank the educational and music community in general for sharing their work for public use on YouTube, as a large part of these lessons rely on the work of these creators. 
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David Michaeloff

Software Engineer and Parent
David is a software engineer specializing in web development. His background ranges from large corporations to start-ups, and from enterprise software to mobile apps. He has a passion for educational software and video marketing creation. His educational app "Math Castle" can be found on the Apple App Store, and his recent video work at: weblamb.com/video-marketing
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Dana Michaeloff

Music Instructor and Parent
Dana is a private music instructor teaching ukulele, guitar, baritone ukulele and voice. She also has years of experience as a business consultant and product line manager with an MBA in computer information systems and marketing. Her focus on education is seen through her dedication to building school libraries, teaching ukulele lessons, and leading her school's Music Docent program. Send us a message under "Contact" if you're interested in private lessons.